Proper care and maintenance of your furniture is essential. Properly maintained, the appearance and feel of your furniture will improve with age.

Moderate shrinkage will occur. To reduce the potential for cracking, warping and shrinkage timber should be maintained quarterly with a light sand and a coat of oil.

We recommend keeping your furniture under cover. If left in the open, extra coatings of oil may be required and you can expect the timber to darken over time.


Tight Bolts

During the first twelve months your furniture will require the bolts to be tightened a few times until the timber has settled. Zinc bolts can be tightened using a 15mm socket and ratchet or Galvanised Bolts can be tightened using a 16mm socket and ratchet. Bolts should only be tightened until the bolthead starts to pull into the timber.

Bolts can then be tightened on an as-needed basis or as a part of your regular, quarterly maintenance routine.


Sanding & Oiling

If the surface of your setting starts to feel rough, you should give it a light hand sand with 120 grit sandpaper. You will only need to sand the tabletop and seats; however, we suggest that you re-oil the entire setting.

Once you have given the setting a light sand give it a light coat of oil using a 100mm paint brush. After an hour, it is advisable to wipe off any residue that is pooling with an old towel. We use and recommend Aussie Clear Exterior Clear Oil Finish. Alternatively, any clear or natural decking oil can be used.

Sanding your furniture on a quarterly basis may not be required, however, we do recommend that you reapply a light coat of oil on a quarterly basis.


Why we Recommend Aussie Clear

Aussie Clear is an exterior decking oil and timber finish that protects the hardwoods from the weather. It is the best oil-based finish to highlight the natural grain and beauty. This results in a completely natural oiled look. Aussie Clear stabilises timber as it repels moisture, reducing checking or splitting. No film is allowed to form, so peeling or cracking is never a problem. It also inhibits unsightly mould growth with its powerful mouldicide. It has been specially formulated and tinted to use on a broad range of hardwoods.


If Your Furniture Stains Concrete, Slate or Pavers

All timber will leach some tannin to a degree. This has a potential to occur if your setting is exposed to heavy rainfall and can leave a rust-like stain on the surface beneath your setting. If this occurs we recommend using Oxalic Acid or any bleach-based product, following the instructions on the container. It is recommended to patch test a small area first.

Once the furniture has been out in a few showers of rain most of the tannin will have leached from the timber surface and it will no longer be a problem.