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Commercial Picnic Tables – Elizabeth St, Sydney

31 Commercial Picnic Tables were recently delivered to Elizabeth St in the city of Sydney. All 31 tables needed to be flat packed to be reassembled on the balconies of level 12 through to level 15 using the service lift

Commercial Picnic Tables – Brisbane, St Marys & Central Coast

This week we had 6 x Commercial Picnic Tables delivered flat packed to the Stock Exchange Hotel Brisbane, 4 x Commercial Picnic Tables delivered to St Marys RSL Club and 2 x 7 Piece Settings delivered to the Central Coast. One to Booker Bay and one to St Huberts Island

9 Piece Setting – Mount Hutton

This beautiful 9 Piece setting was delivered yesterday to Mount Hutton. The table is 3.6m long by just under 1.4m wide. The customers were very happy with this one, now being able to seat their growing family all at the one table